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London Biggin Hill appoints its first CEO


London Biggin Hill Airport chairman Andrew Walters today welcomed David Winstanley on his first day as CEO.

Winstanley, formerly chief operating officer of Birmingham Airport, takes over the leadership of a management team that has made London Biggin Hill one of the most successful business aviation airports in Europe and a centre of excellence for aviation businesses.

Andrew Walters, chairman of London Biggin Hill, says: “London Biggin Hill has achieved significant success in recent years and become home to a fast-growing community of aviation companies, from OEMs to charter operators and service providers. With this growth has come increasingly complex needs from our customers, resident businesses, regulators and the local community.


“I’m therefore delighted to welcome David Winstanley as our first CEO. He brings the world-class airport management skills that London Biggin Hill needs at this stage in its development. Under his leadership, we will be better placed than ever to provide the services and infrastructure our customers and stakeholders need to ensure their own success.”

In 2018, London Biggin Hill Airport achieved 12% growth in business aviation traffic and was identified by WingX Advance as one of the fastest growing airports in Europe. During December, the airport led the London market in terms of charter requests and saw a 25% increase in large cabin aircraft movements.

London Biggin Hill Airport now has the largest collection of MRO facilities of any airport in Europe, with 11 companies servicing almost any make and model of business jet.

Adam Bishop